Why Don’t Other Overhead Doors Call Themselves the Best?

When you are searching for a new overhead door or replacement overhead sliding door, you have to wonder why other companies don’t call themselves the best. At Best Overhead Garage Doors, we are humble people. But, when it comes to the quality of our wooden garage doors, we are confident that we are the best. That is no boast.

Strength of Overhead Garage Doors

When other companies make their doors, they often focus on speed of construction to reduce expense. This usually means quick forming and bending of metal sheets to make your basic metal overhead door. Even when filled with insulation, such a simple door cannot match with the strength of our Sing Core panels.

Try this with your overhead door panel!

Using our patented honeycomb technology, we make doors that are much stronger and more durable than any overhead door you’ve seen at our weight.

Light but Strong Overhead Garage Doors

Even though our overhead doors are extremely strong, our doors are exceptionally light. Most common overhead door hardware is more than strong enough to support the weight of our doors. Because our doors are extra light, the mechanism will last longer and hand operation is easy when necessary.

How many of our competitors can claim they are both stronger than average and lighter than average? That one reason we call our selves the best!

Overhead Door Repair

Our door’s strength has a practical purpose. Many garage doors are replaced because of accidental damage. But the average overhead door is soft and easy to hurt with so much as a miss thrown baseball.

When you buy our overhead doors you know we are the best because there is much less need to worry about accidental damage.

Wooden Overhead Garage Doors

Our doors have a classic look when clad with wood, but have the same light strength of all our Sing Core based overhead door panels.

Other companies make wooden overhead doors the old way with thick slabs of wood which increase weight and decreases insulation. No one else can match our honeycomb techniques which reduce the wood inside a door to the bare minimum while allowing for gorgeous exterior wood finishes. We have the style of a wood door, but without the hassle.

Modern Overhead Garage Doors

If you want a modern design we can accommodate with a variety of metal skins. Even stone faced overhead sliding doors are possible with our methods, but at a fraction of the weight of a comparable door made by our competitors.

If you have unique or unusual requests, Best Overhead Garage Door is happy to accommodate your custom or semi-custom overhead door design requirements.

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If you desire to have the best door around, then no need to keep searching, you’ve found it here.

Home Owners who seek the best possible overhead garage door should contact the local garage door installation professional of their choice and specify they well settle for nothing less than a Sing Core overhead door.

Trade Professionals should submit the details of their project in our contact section so they may be directed to the appropriate sales person to meet their request.

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