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Your Overhead Garage Door Company

In the past, Sing Core garage doors were only available to the highest end clients who needed spectacular doors for high budget applications.

Now, with our new line of more affordable overhead doors, we are approachable by clients who want the finest doors available but have a more limited budget.

Overhead Garage Door Prices

We cannot guarantee that we have the cheapest overhead garage door prices on the market, but we are certain that we have the best. Our doors are both light and strong, which increases the longevity of the door significantly. Plus, the beauty that we offer in both modern and rustic overhead door designs is unsurpassed by our competitors.

Overhead Garage Doors Near Me

Local garage door installers, please contact us on our contact page with your project details and we will assist your with your project.

For retail customers who wish to purchase our doors, you should first

contact the local professional of your choice and specify you will only accept Sing Core inside. Although not all installers have worked with us before, have them contact us and we will walk them through the process.

Many garage doors professionals, once they work with our project, recommend Sing Core to their clients who demand high quality, beautiful, insulated doors.

Overhead Garage Door Parts

Our line of overhead garage doors are sold without hardware. Because the weight of our doors is so light, many door hardware kits are available on the market to meet your mechanical and design needs.

Overhead Garage Door Repair

Why pay to repair a cheap garage door when you can replace your old door with a brand new Sing Core door. Our overhead garage doors are much stronger and more resistant to damage than your typical steel overhead door or aluminum overhead door.

Insulated Overhead Garage Door

When you need insulation in your overhead door to protect a garage workshop or garage conversion, consider Sing Core overhead doors to be your solution. Our standard rigid insulation R value is 3.5 per inch but can be upgraded to R 6.5 per inch. You determine the degree of thermal insulation required by your project, then customize your Sing overhead garage doors’s thickness to achieve the results you desire based on your specifications.

Modern Overhead Garage Door Styles

Our overhead garage doors panels can come with a number of skin types. Whether you want the modern sleek styling of cold pressed steel or hot pressed steel, or you prefer the clean and classic wood stave designs, Sing Core panels have you covered. Our panels can be skinned with almost any material you desire. Even plastic or rock.

Contact Us Today

Let us know how we can help you by sending in a quote request with your project details.

Trade Professionals: see our contact form.

Home Owners: We do not sell directly do home owners. If you are interested in our doors, contact the local garage door installation professional of your choice and specify Sing Core doors. We will work with your contractor directly.

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